Rail Attachments

Get Ready To Gear Up

With our diverse line of rail attachments and our modular rail system, you can add and remove anything you may need to the side of your table. Looking for a place to put your drink, write up a character sheet or even hold your dice? All you have to do is lock-in the game table attachments you need in the perfect place for you. Giving you the ability to craft the ultimate gaming experience for you and your group of weary travelers.

Before You Browse

During the design process for your Uniquely Geek gaming table, you will have the option to add as many rail attachments as you would like.

Attachments that are purchased while working with our personal designers during the initial table design receive a 10% discount

If you have previously purchased a Uniquely Geek table and would like to purchase more rail attachments, please email with your new attachments purchase request. This allows us to deliver better products and to ensure that we match the new attachments with your Uniquely Geek table.