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Table FAQ

Our kitchen/dining tables can be any height from 29” - 31”.  Coffee table height is typically between 18” - 21” but can also be based on the cushion height of your couch or sofa.

Our Game Vault can be any depth up to 4” when measured from the Vault Floor to the bottom of the Top Leaves.

The size of the Game Vault is dictated by the overall tabletop size.  The Game Vault length will be 10” shorter than the length of the table and 9” less than the width of the table.

Our Stay-Dry system will help keep your Game Vault dry and safe.  You can find more information at the link below. 

We do not make chairs but your designer can refer you to several companies we work with for chairs.  Many customers have their chairs shipped directly to us to finish to match their table.

We believe that heirloom quality furniture should be constructed from solid wood and not composite materials and veneers. The only composite material used is for the Game Vault Floor due to stability issues.

Our typical production time is 6-8 weeks once your table enters production.

Based upon your location you will have the choice of UG Red Carpet Delivery or common carrier.  We currently offer UG Red Carpet Delivery with-in 700 miles of Queen Creek, AZ. See shipping options for costs.

We spray a 2K Polyurethane which is the most durable furniture finish currently available.  This product is used on wooden stairs, pinball machine playfields, and laboratory casework. Besides if we are building furniture to last for generations why shouldn't the finish?  We never use Lacquer!

All of our Rail Attachments have at least one of our Snap-Locks and wider attachments have two. The Snap-Lock prevents an Attachment from accidentally disengaging from the Accessory Rail.

Yes, being fully custom we can work in any wood species you desire. The Nine species of wood we typically work in are the most popular and readily available. Your designer will go over all the options with you during the design process.

Yes, you always have the option to purchase Attachments and Accessories.  Due to their nature, all Table Modifications cannot be retrofitted and must be purchased at the time of initial table construction.

The entire process starts by placing the fully refundable $100.00 table deposit via the website. This deposit starts the design process for your 100% custom gaming table. For more information on the entire process click below.

Due to the fact that every table we make is 100% custom we use Personal Designers to help guide you through the process and ensure that you get the correct table to fit all of your gaming needs.

Yes, we are a 100% custom woodworking shop with full capabilities to make just about anything you need or want. Please contact us at or our Contact Us page for all custom inquiries that are currently not part of our catalog. 

For warranty information please click below.

Uniquely Geek’s surface finishes will retain their natural beauty for years if proper care is taken and a stable environment is provided. Due to the inherent nature of wood products, we cannot guarantee any product stored or set in place in an environment where temperature and humidity are not controlled. Extremes in humidity and temperature can cause wood components to expand and contract and may lead to panel warpage and finish checking and cracking. Exposure to ultraviolet rays in direct sunlight will discolor finish/fabric as well as cause damage to the wood substrate. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight. A stable and properly humidified environment is required to avoid these conditions. Recommended temperatures should be within a range of 50-80 degrees F (or 10-27 degrees C); the relative humidity should be maintained between 25% and 40%. These conditions are also recommended for human health standards.

Wood Surfaces
The standard topcoat is a satin sheen post catalyzed polyurethane which has superior hardness, mark and scratch resistance. With industry-leading chemical resistance, it is the only product of its kind rated by the WFI to be suitable for Laboratory Casework. These features combined with its UV blocking properties Are why Uniquely Geek has chosen it to protect our furniture. When cleaning, use a damp, lint-free cloth and gently clean in a circular motion. Using an abrasive cloth or applying too much pressure could alter the sheen of the finish. Keeping in mind some dust itself can act as an abrasive, improper rubbing can result in scratches. If a heavy cleaning is needed, use a mild soap or detergent which does not contain wax or silicone, such as Murphy’s Oil Soap©. Never apply any cleaners directly to the finished surface and spot test new cleaners on an inconspicuous surface location for results before cleaning in its entirety. Try not to expose furniture to direct sunlight, ultraviolet light from the sun and artificial light sources may discolor the wood substrate over time, this is a normal characteristic of natural wood. Uniquely Geek’s finish is field repairable and if damage should occur, professional furniture repair services are recommended. In this instance please have the professional contact Uniquely Geek before starting the repair process.

Wet/Dry Erase Surfaces

The EXPO Dry Erase Markers and EXPO Wet Erase Markers have been formulated specifically for use on all types of Wet/Dry Erase Surfaces. The solvents used are designed for ease of erasability without the need of cleaning agents, except after extended use.

We have found that daily wiping the entire board with Wet One's Wipes is a low cost, simple and low-chemical way of treating and cleaning your dry erase surface. The lanolin in the wipes is actually treating/waxing the surface to help keep the dry erase ink from adhering to the surface. Commercial dry erase cleaners such as EXPO or MAR-KLEEN are fine to use after the board has become “shadowed or ghosted” from extensive use.

Playing Surfaces
We suggest using a lint roller for routine cleaning of playing surfaces. If a spill should occur on the playing surface use a mild soap and water solution and avoid saturating the surface. If a stronger solution is needed we recommend the use of an upholstery cleaning machine and always referring to the operator's manual for proper use. Always remove the playing surface from the game vault before attempting to clean it.

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