Craftsmanship Only Hands Can Make

We handcraft custom board game tables and geek accessories out of the finest materials in all the land. Uniquely Geek was founded to create the highest quality custom gaming tables and furniture with the customer at its heart. Driven by the principles of great furniture design we set out to first create great-looking, unique tables then add the elements to make it geek without sacrificing quality for form or function. We believe that heirloom-quality furniture should not be one size fits all, that is why no two are the same, and every item that leaves our shop is built by a few sets of skilled hands.

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100% Custom Hand Made

No automated production line here. From selecting the perfect boards at the lumber yard to assembly and finishing: We do everything ourselves to ensure you get amazingly beautiful, custom, handmade goodies that will last for many years to come.

Fast custom board game table production times

Quick Build Time

Our craftsman process has allowed us to reduce build times to 6-8 weeks for tables and much less for smaller items, all while maintaining our strict quality control. Every unique piece we create is one we would display in our homes, it doesn’t ship until it’s perfect.

Board game table and accessory Personal Designer

Personal Designer

We take designing your unique items seriously. Throughout our custom design process, you will work with one of our personal designers to ensure you get a truly legendary item. Your designer will guide you through every step of your item's journey. 

Rail System

Game Vault

Leaf System

Play Surfaces

Rail Attachments

Other Features

A Dice Tray Like No Other

Treat your dice to a unique, 100% hardwood dice tray. Each one featuring hand-crafted details and one-of-a-kind wood grain, these works of art will grab the attention of anyone you meet along your adventure. Choose the right one for you and prepare for battle. Looking to forge a more magical item? Our custom dice tray process walks you through every step and gives you the power to decide every detail!

Designed by gamers, handbuilt in Queen Creek, Arizona

We are a family of gamers with a tradition of woodworking. It was the melding of these two passions that created our first board gaming table and the spark that became Uniquely Geek. That is why we handcraft every piece item to fit the unique needs of each customer. We may make the tables, but you make the memories. 

Craft Your Perfect Board Game Table

Every great journey ends in treasure, let us help you get there.