Board Game Table Accessories

Gear Up For Any Encounter

Suit up for battle with the finest gear. These table accessories help to create the perfect place to play for you and your party. Each of these accessories extends the customization and experience at your board game table. If you forget to bring these items to your first encounter or lost them along the way, don't worry! All of our table accessories can be ordered during or after the production of your table.

2-Sided Game Vault Insert

Customize your battleground and roll out the red carpet for your board games.

2-Sided Flush Play Surface

Double your tabletop fun with our double-sided flush play surface.

Leaf Guard

Protect your game pieces from the place that must not be named.

Dry Erase Acrylic Mat Insert

We’re giving you permission to write on the furniture.

Dry Erase Acrylic Mat With Printing

Strategize every move to conquer each encounter.

Leaf Cube

Every quest needs a reliable companion, in a matching outfit.

Rail Attachment Storage Cube W/Lid

Keep all your board game table rail attachments organized and protected.

Leaf Cube Lid

It’s like a hat for your Leaf Cube.

Flush Play Surface Conversion Kit

Multiclass your table. Convert a Game Vault Insert into a flush play surface in seconds.

Take A Peek At Our Rail Attachments

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