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Designed by gamers, Built by craftsmen

Look, we weren't the first people to make a gaming table, and we sure won't be the last, but we are hellbent on creating products that we are proud of. We are a family of gamers with a legacy of woodworking, and when we saw what was offered on the gaming table market, we were shocked. People were either paying vast amounts of money upfront to hope they someday get a table or paying slightly less money for a product that was mass-produced and used cheap materials. We created Uniquely Geek to help fix those problems. We aren't the cheapest table manufacturer out there, but our pricing is honest and our products are second to none. Each piece of furniture is designed and built with each customer's ideas, needs, and style in mind. We use the highest quality materials on the market and our construction process incorporates woodworking techniques that have been around for centuries. We offer direct customer service, and our designers personally walk you through the design and production of your furniture.

We won't waste your time, add hidden fees, or leave you hanging. We believe in producing a quality product at a fair price, and that will never change.

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Uniquely Geek owner Robert Githens

Where it all started.

Started in a garage with an idea and a desire to craft the perfect place to play a game with limited space. Owner and master craftsman Robert Githens worked with his son to design and build the perfect gaming table.

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Our Design Philosophy

Create a great quality table that is 100% custom to all of the user's needs.
Craft them out of the best materials and deliver them in under 8 weeks.
Provide exceptional service and give a truly unique experience.

Our Design Process

Uniquely Geek is committed to designing and handcrafting custom gaming tables and furniture to fit anyone's needs. Our furniture is designed for style but built for gaming. We are a family owned business with more than 50 years of woodworking experience. Our craftsman meld time-tested techniques along with modern tools to create furniture that can be appreciated, even when not being used for gaming.

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