Gaming Table Wood Options

Wood Selection

The heart of our custom gaming table starts with the wood. Each individual board is hand-selected by our master craftsmen to guarantee every inch of your table is magical. We only use sustainably sourced FAS grade lumber, the highest quality lumber available, to ensure your heirloom furniture will last.

Wood Samples

Below you will see our wood samples, as with everything at Uniquely Geek these woods and stains have been hand-selected for their mythical qualities. But just like any hardwood furniture, there will be some variation, so these samples may differ slightly from the final look. During your table design phase, you will be sent a sample of your wood in order to preview how it will look in your space. If you have a wish for a look that's not here or something more exotic Contact Us. We are a 100% custom company and will do our best to source and craft your vision.

See How These Woods Look On Our Tables