Our Legacy table projected production time is March 2023, and the rest of the tables are February 2024.
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The Legacy

Gaming Table

When will your Legacy begin?

Our Legacy Gaming table offers a luxury gaming experience with unmatched customization and features. Hand-built by the finest craftsmen in all the land these tables add a show-stopping centerpiece to any room.

So gather your friends and family to decree that you are the ultimate game host and enjoy your Legacy for generations to come.

Legacy custom player station board game table in mahogany with bamboo game vault floor

Unique Legacy Features

Fold-down Player Stations

Fold-down player stations are what sets the Legacy design apart from every other board gaming table on the market.

When closed, they give the table a look of elegance that rivals any high-end dining table. When open they provide each player with nearly 12" of play surface to work with.

Fold down play stations board game table
Solid Wood legacy board game table

Handpicked Solid Wood

Every table we handcraft is nearly 100% solid hardwood. You know you will be getting a piece that will last for generations and be able to stand up to the wear and tear of those generations.

We never compromise and use substandard materials just to save a few coins or make the construction phase easier.

Due to stability needs, the Game Vault floor and table bottom are currently the only pieces that are not solid wood.

Player Station Outfitting

Every player station is equipped with its own Rail Attachment track. This allows each player to individualize and use any of our Rail Attachments, or they can install the false front as a full-width shelf.

So whether you want to store your dice in a dice tray, keep your drink safe in a cup holder, or just stage some miniatures in a bin, we have you covered.

In addition, every player station can have optional drawers or USB ports giving you more ways to customize your gaming sessions.

Fold down board game table player stations with custom drawers and accessory rail

Customizable Base

The legs of your Legacy should do more than just support, they need to match up to the legendary tabletop you're about to place upon them. We have crafted three standard base options that are sure to be up to any challenge. 

Of course, if you are interested in a unique look, work with your personal designer to craft your vision.

Round corner, custom, board game table

Radius Corners

Our radiused corners are hand-cut and shaped from solid wood blocks and not only act as a design focal point but provide structural support to the table.
Matching wood bottom board game table with player stations

Matching Wood Game Vault Floor

A matching wood Game Vault floor is included. Normally an upgrade in our standard lines of tables, we felt that a table of this caliber deserved this special treatment.

Solid Wood Leaves

Our crosswise leaves increase the strength of the tabletop and reduce the weight of each individual leaf. This becomes even more important as the table width increase.
Custom board game table accent wood drawers

Accent Wood Details

Any table getting a Natural, clear, wood finish has the choice of adding in a contrasting accent wood. These accents typically show up in the hinge plates and drawers, however, there is no limit on the locations we can add the accent colors, just discuss the options with your designer.
Dual sided fabric insert for Legacy board game table

Double-sided Insert

The Legacy is designed to provide unmatched versatility to any gaming session. To help achieve that we include a two-sided insert with every table. This gives you the ability to customize the surfaces with multiple color and fabric options.
Custom Board game table hand finished hardware

Hand-finished Hardwood

Every detail of the Legacy table is handmade and the hardware is no exception. Each piece of visible hardware gets hand finished, this allows us to get the perfect look to match the color and character of every custom table.

Also Included with the Legacy

Two Leaf Guards

Every Legacy comes standard with 2 leaf guards. Leaf guards are used when you want to leave a leaf, or leaves, in place and they prevent dice and other objects from rolling under the leaves left in place. We include one for use with the 2-sided insert in place and one for when it is not in place.

Dry Erase Acrylic Insert

Every Legacy comes standard with a clear acrylic insert. This flexible 1/16in acrylic sheet, is custom cut for your table and is easy to place and remove. Besides being able to write on it with easy clean-up, you can also place maps, cards, and rules under the mat to keep them visible and out of harm's way.
Custom gaming table rail attachment jumbo cup holder with insert

Cup Holders Included

One of the biggest disasters that can happen to a board game session is a spilled drink. That is why every Legacy table player station comes with a drink holder of your choice. These cup holders easily attach to the rail system of each station and will safely protect your drink while not taking up any of your valuable player space in the process.

Leaf Cube With Lid

What good are removable leaves if you don't have a place to store them? Every Legacy table comes with a matching hardwood, dovetailed Leaf Cube to store the leaves when they are not on the table. For when the cube is not in use we include a hardwood lid to conceal your cube.

View the Legacy Table in Action

Establish your Legacy

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Ordering your Table

Ordering a Uniquely Geek custom board game table is your chance to forge a mythical item that is handcrafted just for you. Your table should be the perfect addition to your home, no matter how tough the battle or long the adventure. You'll gather around it to celebrate, socialize and unwind with a tasty meal.

After placing your $1000 refundable design deposit, one of our table designers will walk you through our design process outlined below to help craft the ultimate Legacy board game table for you and your gaming adventures.

During the design of your board gaming table, you will always have access to your Work Order. Each time you make a decision, it will be updated to reflect your choices and current pricing. That way, there are no surprises at the end of your design. We require a 50% non-refundable Production Start Payment to secure materials if you choose to proceed. Once the payment has been received, we will schedule your Legacy's production start date. From there, you will receive regular updates as your project comes to life.

When your table enters production, our completion time is 8-10 weeks. After completion, we will send the final payment invoice. Once the final payment has been received your delivery or shipping date will be scheduled. This happens all within our 10-week timeline, so be sure to have a space ready for your legendary creation.

Order Process

Place a $1000 Design Deposit
Table Design Process
Put 50% down
Clear a Spot in your Home!
Place Your Legacy Deposit

Currently Scheduling Production for September 2025

Due to the complexity and attention to detail that The Legacy table requires, we limit production to 12 tables each year. By placing your $1000 refundable Design Deposit, you will be reserving your Legacy Gaming Table production slot.

Approximately six months before the assigned Production Month, a designer will reach out to start the table Design Process. You will have about three months to complete your design and pay the Production Start Payment.

Once the Production Start Payment has been received, you will be given the Production Date and estimated completion date for your table.

Our Step-by-Step Design Process

Now that you've seen all the components, it's time to discuss the design process. We aim to make custom geek furniture easy for you and to accomplish that, we have created our step-by-step design process.

In the following sections, witness the steps you will take on your expedition to enhance your home. Our personal designer will guide you through each step and field any questions you may have along the way. Don't be afraid to study while you wait. The faster we can finalize your table, the sooner you can break it in with its first game.

Step 1

Base Styles

One of the most important parts of your Legacy board gaming table journey is selecting the base. We offer three unique leg styles for the Legacy table.
If you don't see exactly what you're looking for or have your own design in mind for your table, don’t hesitate to reach out! Talk with your personal designer about custom design options, and we’ll create something truly legendary for you.

Step 2

Woods & Stains

It's time to choose your material! Below we have included a selection of our standard wood and stains. See the link below to view all wood and stain options that we work with daily.

Our personal designer will answer any questions and even send you wood samples so you can see with your own eyes how it will look in your space. We can also source exotic materials for your board game dining table if you are looking for something more magical.

Step 3

Table Modifications

Designing a custom board game table gives you endless ways to put your unique touch on every single aspect of your experience. These table modifications are the heart and soul of your board gaming table, they help to craft it into a legendary item.

These modifications must be decided on before we begin production, as these may drastically change the build process of your table.

Step 4

Additional Accessories

Suit up for battle with the finest gear. These table accessories help to create the perfect place to play for you and your party. Each of these accessories extends the customization and experience at your board game table.

If you forget to bring these items to your first encounter or lost them along the way, don't worry! All of our table accessories can be ordered during or after the production of your table.

Step 5

Rail Attachments

Our rail attachments allow you to maximize your table space for any occasion. Easily place any cup holder, token tray, side table, and more anywhere along your table through the power of rare earth magnets. Your table will effortlessly be the most versatile object in the room as your collection of attachments grows.

Shipping & Warranty Information

Shipping a table of any size is challenging, but we have become experts in getting these legendary items into your home. As these hardwood tables can be bulky, our preferred shipping method is domestic or international freight. Each freight-shipped item receives a custom-built crate to protect it on its journey to your doorstep.

If you are lucky enough to reside in the Southwest US, our UG Red Carpet delivery may also be available. See our delivery zones and more shipping details at the link below.

Artisan's pledge

We want you to have no worries about the items you will receive. We guarantee any Uniquely Geek product is free from material, finish, and craftsmanship defects.

Learn More About Shipping & Warranty

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