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What A Year It's Been

By Justin Kaminsky on December 20, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

In 4 days it is Christmas, I can't believe the year is almost over. So many people have told me when you get older time goes faster. Well, I guess I have officially reached that older age because every year seems to fly by. I swear I was just wondering how I was going to survive another 115-degree day and last night I’m driving through my neighborhood looking at Christmas decorations.  

Even though another year is coming to an end it truly is the most wonderful time of year.. It’s a time to enjoy celebrations with co-workers, neighbors, family and friends. It’s strange because throughout the year you always seem too busy.  No time to meet that friend for dinner during the week, or meet that coworker for drinks over the weekend. But here it is December and that dinner during the week is possible, and drinks on the weekend, you wouldn't dream of missing that. I guess during the holiday everyone realizes it is necessary to make time for the people in your life and for yourself. It’s that time, when everyone slows down and takes in what the year has meant to them.

2018 has been a success for Uniquely Geek. We were able to attend 4 comic-cons, and the reception we received was awesome. People are recognizing our name. People are remembering us from past years. We are receiving positive feedback from our customers and from people who aren’t customers…. Yet.

We are excited to start 2019. We will be adding one more Comic-Con and events in 2019.  Anyone ever hear of WonderCon? We are thrilled to say we will have a booth at WonderCon in March. Our other Cons will be Albuquerque (January), Phoenix (May), Las Vegas (September) and Tucson (November).  Please come visit us if you are in any of those areas. I will list the specific dates and our booth number on our Facebook page when I get them.

2019 will also bring two new design styles to our table lines. Pictures of the new styles will be on the website the middle of January and go into production the first part of February.

We are looking forward to what 2019 holds for Uniquely Geek.  We are excited to work with our customers, excited to bring new options for everyone and extremely grateful for the constant support of our customers, family and friends. I will never be able to say Thank You enough.

I hope you take time to meet that friend for dinner or coworker for drinks and I hope you enjoy your holiday and end to 2018.


Sara Githens
VP Of Uniquely Geek 

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