Our Legacy table projected production time is March 2023, and the rest of the tables are February 2024.
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Radcliffe Modern Custom board gaming trestle table sapele woodThe Radcliffe Custom Gaming Trestle TableThe Radcliffe Custom Gaming Trestle TableThe Radcliffe Custom Gaming Trestle Table
  • Radcliffe Modern Custom board gaming trestle table sapele wood
  • The Radcliffe Custom Gaming Trestle Table
  • The Radcliffe Custom Gaming Trestle Table
  • The Radcliffe Custom Gaming Trestle Table
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The Radcliffe Board Game Trestle Table Design Deposit


Currently Scheduling Production for July 2025
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Gather all of your players for game night with a Uniquely Geek Radcliffe Trestle Table. The trestle base provides excellent stability while giving you a little more space to pack the table full of guests. No more squished, table leg straddling, corner spot for when your party grows, or an unexpected guest joins the adventure. Our standard trestle base options offer traditional elegance or clean lines to create a showstopping centerpiece for any room. The Radcliffe's height range (29”-31”) works with all standard-height chairs or benches and is perfect for any kitchen, dining room, or tavern. 

  • Pack the table for your adventure.
  • An ultra-sturdy option that provides larger tables with more support.
  • Trestle Base is customizable to match your style or other furniture in your home.
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2 reviews for The Radcliffe Board Game Trestle Table Design Deposit

  1. Paul Gardner (verified owner)

    We have an incredible game table!

    When we moved from Alaska to Arizona at the end of 2021, we decided it was time to explore our dream of having a custom game table to support our board gaming lifestyle. We'd built a beautiful new home, so we knew we'd have a great sport for it. After doing some online research, I was impressed with Uniquely Geek. Their tables looked amazing, their reviews were solid- and they were only an hour away! Even the extremely long lead time (about 15 months from deposit to build start - back then!) couldn't sway us. We put down our deposit, bought a (relatively) inexpensive table for the next year and a half, and we waited.

    Robert called about 6 months early! There had been some openings- were we ready to go? Definitely!

    The process of working with Uniquely Geek was incredibly satisfying. Furnishing a new home comes with a lot of waiting, a lot of frustration, and sometimes some settling. None of that happened with Uniquely Geek. The process of designing our table was fun. While we had some solid ideas on what we wanted, We were also guided on some areas we hadn't really thought about. We were given clear choices and recommendations on sizing and accessories. Questions about our preferred games led to suggestions on table vault depth and size. Stain color samples were provided quickly. The back and forth on questions, answers, clarifications and choices was quick, clear and efficient. Once things were set, we were fortunate enough to move up in the build queue. Updates (including pictures!) were provided.

    Long story short (ok, not that short!)- our table was delivered and set up before Christmas 2022- more than three months early!

    The quality of our table is amazing. The workmanship is fantastic. Every detail works. The double-sided insert provides two different colors and types of fabric for amazing game play. The depth of the playing surface ("vault") below the table edge is just right. The leaves slide in tightly, and the seals between the leaves ensure any spills on the table top won't leak through. The attachments slide into the magnetic rail around the table- the mug holders handle my wife's 32-oz tumblers no problem. We'll often split half the table into game mode while the other half is in breakfast mode- allowing the best of both worlds!

    Our game table from Uniquely Geek has definitely been one of the highlights of our move to the "Lower 48". The investment made in our table has already been worth it in the great evenings we've had with friends enjoying board games big and small. While I'm happy to recommend businesses that do things the right way and provide amazing products and services, I can say unreservedly that Uniquely Geek tops the list of any company I've had the pleasure to work with. Robert and Sara went above and beyond at every juncture to ensure our table was exactly what we wanted. It is without question the finest piece of furniture I've ever seen!

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  2. ctcaza (verified owner)

    Fifteen years ago I stumbled upon tables with game vaults and it immediately made it onto my bucket list. And a little over a year ago the stars finally aligned and it was time to get the process going. I looked around to see who was making tables with game vaults and most of what I found just didn't seem to be heirloom quality furniture that I had seen so long ago. Uniquely Geek was the exception, their tables were absolutely beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. I placed my deposit and waited for my turn to come up in production.

    Once it was my turn the process of designing the table was super simple. I was initially overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options available to me but UG walked me through everything step by step and I was placing the production deposit. Production was impressively quick for such a large table (96" long by 52" wide) and UG provided production pictures for every step along the way.

    Delivery was quick and UG even called as the truck arrived to make sure that everything arrived intact and to walk me through assembly (side note, due to time zones it had to be 6am at UG when they called). Assembly was super easy, just a couple of wooden "pins" and 8 bolts, it took longer to get the table out of the crate than it did to actually put it together.

    Now for the table, it's stunning. I've dreamed about a table like this for FIFTEEN years, and if I am being honest I was preparing myself for a bit of disappointment. I had wanted this table for so long that I was convinced that I had built it up to be better than reality would ever be. Man was I wrong!! UG absolutely took the vision I had in my head and made it better than I could have ever hoped for. This table was absolutely worth the wait and I'm so glad that I found them!

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