The Marquess Gaming Bar Table

The Marquess Gaming Bar Table Design Deposit


The Marquess Gaming Bar Table, elevate your board game and dining adventures. 

This item is the $100 fully refundable gaming table deposit.
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The Marquess line of tables is our pub height table line. If you want a table that’s a bit taller or you want to stand and play games the Marquess table is right for you. With a height range of 36”- 42” it is customized to perfectly work with bar stools and standing. Designed to fit any room and tailored to be the perfect gaming surface for any needs.

Table modifications are features that we can add to your table during its production. Our personal designers will work with you to make sure you get everything you need to enjoy your table for years to come. If you don’t see something here that you want, let us know!

  • Game Vault LED Lighting
  • Under Table LED Lighting
  • USB Ports
  • Drawer Up To 24″ Width
  • Drawer Up To 48″ Width
  • Matching Game Vault Floor
  • Bamboo Floor
  • Rout The Back of A Leaf
  • GM Drawer

Table accessories are additional items that can be added to your table. These are removable items and can be purchased at the time of production or anytime after if you decided you want to level up your table even more. If you don’t see something here that you want, let us know!

  • 2-Sided Game Vault Insert W/Leaf Guard
  • 2-Sided Flush Play Surface W/Supports
  • Insert to Flush Topper Conversion Kit
  • Additional Leaf Guard
  • Leaf Cube Lid
  • Dry Erase Acrylic Mat Insert
  • Dry Erase Acrylic Mat Insert With Printing
  • Rail Attachment Storage Cube W/Lid

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