The Marquess Gaming Bar Table

The Marquess Gaming Bar Table Design Deposit


The Marquess Gaming Bar Table, elevate your board game and dining adventures. 

This item is the $100 fully refundable gaming table deposit.
Once purchased you will be contacted by our personal designers to start our design process.

The Marquess is offered in all 5 of our styles and Starts at $135 per square foot

Pay a deposit of $100.00 per item


The Marquess line of tables is our pub height table line. If you want a table that’s a bit taller or you want to stand and play games the Marquess table is right for you. With a height range of 36”- 42” it is customized to perfectly work with bar stools and standing. Designed to fit any room and tailored to be the perfect gaming surface for any needs.


LED Game Vault Lighting: $250

LED Under Table Lighting: $250

Under table USB Ports: $175

Up to 24” Wide Drawer $175

24” – 48” Wide Drawer $200

Matching Wood Game Vault Floor $150

Vertical Cut Bamboo Floor $200

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