Our Legacy table projected production time is March 2023, and the rest of the tables are February 2024.
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The Earl Gaming Table Design Deposit


Currently Scheduling Production for June 2024
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The Earl line of tables is designed to be used as your everyday kitchen or dining room table. The Earl gives you the ultimate platform to customize and create a gaming table you will love for years to come. With a height range of 29”-31” it works with all standard height chairs and benches and is perfect for the whole family, young and old.

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3 reviews for The Earl Gaming Table Design Deposit

  1. Rebecca Pembleton (verified owner)

    After looking at A LOT of different companies that made custom gaming tables, we decided to try out UG. One of the main selling points was the small company, and from what we could tell (from other reviews), great customer service. We waited just under 1.5 years to get our table, but it was 100% worth the wait. The craftsmanship, the communication, the knowledge, the personalization...everything was top-notch. If you're looking for an heirloom-quality piece, UG is absolutely the way to go. Their prices are also very competitive for a handmade, custom, solid wood table. We love our table so much we now have an order for a coffee table. I can't say enough about Robert and his team at UG, they are not only great woodworkers but kind people. Thank you, UG team!

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    Image #5 from Rebecca Pembleton
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  2. Joe Masinter

    Uniquely Geek's hand made table is truly a work of art in our home. The form and function are both amazing. UG was responsive and helpful throughout the design process. While a custom hand crafted table isn't the most economical option, we are happy we didn't compromise, as this table is absolutely and beautiful and will last a lifetime.

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  3. Richard DeLaRosa (verified owner)

    Trying to tie up a few loose end projects at the house led me to the wonderful world of board game tables. After exploring several options, I initially was left disappointed as most game table manufacturers had set models with set options and I really needed more of a custom build; enter Uniquely Geek. Right from the jump I was blown away with the simple fact that I was able to select the exact size that I required for the space. Bonus blown away when I found out that I would be dealing with a small business based right here in the greater Phoenix area, practically neighbors. I placed my deposit and had zero regrets. I have not even mentioned the fact that I found the overall cost (once you factor in everything that you get) was the best that I could find when comparing like tables.

    Although the initial wait was going to be 15 months for me, there was just enough communication to keep me in the loop and before I knew it it was design time. This process went great as the back and forth between myself and the UG staff as several design elements were tossed about, until the final design was struck. At this point I cannot overstate how great the overall customer expiernece was, communication with both Sara and Robert was awesome. Speaking of awesome, near the end of the design process I was offered the chance to move my production day up by about 4 months. At the time I was on a strict budget planned out for the original project date. Again the UG team worked with me as I was able to lock in the earlier date by allowing me to make my initial 50% payment in two parts, who does that these days?

    Finally as the new project date kicked in, and the 'project baby pictures' started to come our way; the anticipation was real! Saving the best for last, the delivery date was set, and who delivered my table? Yep, both Robert and Sara. The drove the table over, brought in the house, assembled it, and gave me all of the information that I needed regarding our new table and the care that it needed. Overall an amazing expiernece, from beginning to end for what is in our view a beautiful table from top to bottom and side to side!

    For the curious this table is 42" x 70" overall, game vault of 32.25" x 60.25", made out of brown maple in a Vanadium finish with a flush play surface addition. Finally a use for our dining room!

    Image #1 from Richard DeLaRosa
    Image #2 from Richard DeLaRosa
    Image #3 from Richard DeLaRosa
    Image #4 from Richard DeLaRosa
    Image #5 from Richard DeLaRosa
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