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The Earl Gaming Table Design Deposit


Currently Scheduling Production for August 2025
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The Earl line of tables is designed to be used as your everyday kitchen or dining room table. The Earl gives you the ultimate platform to customize and create a gaming table you will love for years to come. With a height range of 29”-31” it works with all standard height chairs and benches and is perfect for the whole family, young and old.

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6 reviews for The Earl Gaming Table Design Deposit

  1. Rebecca Pembleton (verified owner)

    After looking at A LOT of different companies that made custom gaming tables, we decided to try out UG. One of the main selling points was the small company, and from what we could tell (from other reviews), great customer service. We waited just under 1.5 years to get our table, but it was 100% worth the wait. The craftsmanship, the communication, the knowledge, the personalization...everything was top-notch. If you're looking for an heirloom-quality piece, UG is absolutely the way to go. Their prices are also very competitive for a handmade, custom, solid wood table. We love our table so much we now have an order for a coffee table. I can't say enough about Robert and his team at UG, they are not only great woodworkers but kind people. Thank you, UG team!

    Image #1 from Rebecca Pembleton
    Image #2 from Rebecca Pembleton
    Image #3 from Rebecca Pembleton
    Image #4 from Rebecca Pembleton
    Image #5 from Rebecca Pembleton
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  2. Joe Masinter

    Uniquely Geek's hand made table is truly a work of art in our home. The form and function are both amazing. UG was responsive and helpful throughout the design process. While a custom hand crafted table isn't the most economical option, we are happy we didn't compromise, as this table is absolutely and beautiful and will last a lifetime.

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  3. Richard DeLaRosa (verified owner)

    Trying to tie up a few loose end projects at the house led me to the wonderful world of board game tables. After exploring several options, I initially was left disappointed as most game table manufacturers had set models with set options and I really needed more of a custom build; enter Uniquely Geek. Right from the jump I was blown away with the simple fact that I was able to select the exact size that I required for the space. Bonus blown away when I found out that I would be dealing with a small business based right here in the greater Phoenix area, practically neighbors. I placed my deposit and had zero regrets. I have not even mentioned the fact that I found the overall cost (once you factor in everything that you get) was the best that I could find when comparing like tables.

    Although the initial wait was going to be 15 months for me, there was just enough communication to keep me in the loop and before I knew it it was design time. This process went great as the back and forth between myself and the UG staff as several design elements were tossed about, until the final design was struck. At this point I cannot overstate how great the overall customer expiernece was, communication with both Sara and Robert was awesome. Speaking of awesome, near the end of the design process I was offered the chance to move my production day up by about 4 months. At the time I was on a strict budget planned out for the original project date. Again the UG team worked with me as I was able to lock in the earlier date by allowing me to make my initial 50% payment in two parts, who does that these days?

    Finally as the new project date kicked in, and the 'project baby pictures' started to come our way; the anticipation was real! Saving the best for last, the delivery date was set, and who delivered my table? Yep, both Robert and Sara. The drove the table over, brought in the house, assembled it, and gave me all of the information that I needed regarding our new table and the care that it needed. Overall an amazing expiernece, from beginning to end for what is in our view a beautiful table from top to bottom and side to side!

    For the curious this table is 42" x 70" overall, game vault of 32.25" x 60.25", made out of brown maple in a Vanadium finish with a flush play surface addition. Finally a use for our dining room!

    Image #1 from Richard DeLaRosa
    Image #2 from Richard DeLaRosa
    Image #3 from Richard DeLaRosa
    Image #4 from Richard DeLaRosa
    Image #5 from Richard DeLaRosa
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  4. Jason Westbrook (verified owner)

    Having done several play sessions and owning this table for the past year - I thought it was time to provide my review on it :). }

    Quick facts:

    I live in the Detroit, Michigan area. Our area often runs from 0F to 90+F, from pretty muggy, to dry during the course of a year. In spite of the range of temperatures I haven't encountered any problems with the table warping or contorting itself in any way, shape or form.

    Table size: 82"L x 42"W

    Owned for about a year and host a biweekly game group that meets regularly and reliably.


    Why Uniquely Geek?
    We were in the market for a gaming table for our home as my wife and I are both boardgame enthusiasts. In fact we first met at a boardgame shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan! :). Thus we began the search for a proper boardgame table for our home. We looked at several places offering boardgame tables and ultimately it came between two different models - Uniquely Geek and a competitor. And so to Reddit I went to get other gamers opinions. Not only were the reviews of Uniquely Geek more favorable - Robert himself actually took the time to answer my post and respond to questions and concerns I had - the biggest of which was the time to production. Here, he assured me the table would likely be built ahead of the posted schedule and so we decided on Uniquely Geek.

    Ordering/The "Experience": Buying a table of this quality and complexity means there's lots of questions and details to be ironed out. This was expected. But how those questions are presented, how thorough and knowledgeable about the product a company is, and how smooth such a process can be could go any which way. Thankfully - the process (the "Experience") of ordering a table was as simple as could be. Robert and Sara ask thoughtful questions and ask about the space where you're putting it to ensure you're getting exactly what you want. As they craft the table themselves they are intimately familiar with their product and it shows. They even provide photos of them making YOUR table! Couldn't have been better.

    The table: Is gorgeous and amazing and we love it. Our table ran 82"L x 42"W which accommodates our dining room well. The build quality is second to none and we're very happy with it! The leaves are super cool - as they fit and sit smoothly across the table perfectly filling the insert. To take it out - they give you a magnet with which to pull one of the leaves out - allowing you to easily get to the rest. The holder for the leaves is essential and provides a nice looking way to elegantly store them.

    The add-ons:
    We decided on some add-ons for our table. We went with the two-sided insert, a couple mug holders, 4 jumbo cup holders and 4 card and counter trays.

    Jumbo cup holders/ mug holders: Overall I like these and am planning on getting more. They allow me and my friends to keep drinks off the table and, I feel, are important to keeping the table looking great and will keep your drink in place. However - the biggest downside is while they are secure when holding your drink at the table - if you bop them (say, by standing up to reach for boardgame bits on the table) you will almost certainly send it tumbling to the floor along with your drink. I've had a couple friends accidentally do this and I fully expect this will be an issue in the future.

    Should you get them? Overall I love it. The velvet plush felt is wonderful to play boardgames on and I have no issues at all in that regard. The one small issue I have is the insert doesn't sit flush with the table. As a result I've had some boardgame bits (mainly cardboard coins that are flat) get lodged between the insert and table. It's an extremely minor issue but something to keep in mind nonetheless.
    Would I get it even knowing about this issue? Absolutely. Totally worth the money. Pulling the insert out and putting it in is easy with a small piece of durable cloth sticking out of one side of the insert. Just pull it up, put it to the side, and then put it back in, flip it or whatever you want to do. It's easier with two people but overall a definitely worth it.

    Card/Counter trays: When I saw these I really thought these would be more useful than they are. I envisioned enjoying playing Ticket to Ride or Kingsburg or some other game with a bunch of bits that sit by the wayside waiting to be used on a future turn, however, when we did play these games and used the card/counter tray the fatal flaw of the add-on became all too clear: because the add-on attaches like so many others - to the insert on the outside of the table - the addon sits below the surface of the table - making it impossible for players to see what you have. In Ticket to Ride - this means others can't see how many trains you have if you place them on the card/counter tray denying players essential information to make decisions in the endgame. Likewise in Kingsburg - what bits you have (+2 chits for example) are also essential information that players need to know you have in order to make appropriate decisions during their turn and these card/counter trays make that impossible. I firmly believe these were made with good intentions but it just doesn't work. Another problem I've had is with their magnets used to attach it to the table. There are three magnets and they are all screwed on one side of the tray. However, the magnets seem to pull on the screws and, over a short amount of time, pull them out - meaning you'll have to screw them back in yourself when this happens. This was a minor annoyance but an annoyance nonetheless.
    Sadly, as they are now, I can't recommend them. In spite of playing a large variety of boardgames I have yet to find a game where these would be useful.

    Communication / Feedback after purchase:
    Just as, if not more important, than buying the table itself is finding a company that stands behind it, being able to take constructive criticism and professionally address concerns. After buying the table, I did have some concerns and constructive feedback - most of which was brought up earlier in this interview (like the magnets for the card/counter trays). I'm happy to say that Sara and Robert both took my concerns seriously, and responded professionally and with empathy. They were wonderful to deal with and it was obvious they wanted to ensure (and continue to ensure) I enjoyed my table for years to come. This point can not be overstated enough - I feel happy and confident that to say if you get a table from Uniquely Geek Robert and Sara will do everything they reasonable can to ensure you are happy with it and any and all concerns of yours are addressed. I've loved working with them and look forward to doing so in the future.

    Conclusion: If you're in the market for a competitively priced heirloom quality boardgame table then look no further. Uniquely Geek makes a damn good product and stands behind it. In spite of the issues mentioned above - none of them are dealbreakers and can be worked around. I can't say enough how happy I am with my purchase.

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  5. pcbuildingfiend

    We had the option of going with either Uniquely Geek (UG) or Wyrmwood (WW) for our gaming table. Let me tell you why we chose Uniquely Geek and why we would choose them again every time. Wymwood had two options at the time we were looking to throw down on a table, the Prophecy and the Modular Gaming Table (MGT). One would have set us back for roughly the cost of a small commuter car and the other relied on us getting in on a Kickstarter campaign. They provided a lot of options for wood species and their product was of high quality, but their was one thing that was missing, and that was customization. When I found out about UG, I was skeptical, but very curious so I put down a deposit. UG offered more bang for the buck right off the bat, and that included a topper, cup holders and a topper holder all built into the initial cost. There was also a promise that the table would be mine, i.e.: one of a kind. With WW, both the Prophecy and MGT would have been cookie cutter tables, the only customization was wood type, finish and that was really all they offered. I am not saying that is a bad thing, in fact the consistency is fantastic for folks who have a very standard space for these tables. Unfortunately, my home was built in the late '70's and has a "unique" space which would require something equally "unique" to fit the space.

    UG undersells how amazing their planning process really is in my opinion. The back and forth with Robert was fantastic. Robert was able to identify exactly what would fit our space best! Everything from wood species to additional options, they had it down. There was no upselling, just a frank conversation about what I wanted, what I needed and what the space could accommodate. Robert provided insight I simply did not possess and because of his experience, I feel it made my table that much better in the end. The design process I think was scheduled to take several weeks of back and forth. UG had us dialed in and ready to go to the production queue after maybe a month.

    Once we were on the build queue (~6 week process) UG started sending me all the photos of the wood being selected, cut, sanded and put together. I underestimated how cool and fun that process really turned out. It was very exciting, and throughout all this UG is in constant contact. They made me feel like I was a designer working with them on the floor (I am not, not even close. I relied very heavily on their expertise and my wife's input).

    Once it was all built, they were able to ship it freight and that was quick. From the "hey its' ready" email to the point that it was at my garage being assembled, was three days. This brings me to my final point on why I chose UG over WW, and that is freight. I live on the west coast, Northern California to be more specific and UG is based out of our neighbor state Arizona. WW is based in the great state of Massachusetts, and if you know anything about shipping freight from that distance it gets very expensive very quickly. Cost does matter and UG's proximity to my residence also played a big role.

    To summarize, we chose UG because of the all the included accessories upon initial purchase, the extreme level of customization to fit our space and the cost of freight was a major savings because the table was not traveling across the greater United States. Now, why we are sticking with UG and will be ordering benches in the near future, is due to their amazing customer service, their level of care and the quality of their product. We ordered a high character walnut table with a 4" deep vault, 6 cup holders, a double sided insert (one side w/ purple felt), and a plexiglass insert. This table is by far the single prettiest piece of furniture I have ever owned. The craftsmanship is second to none and I have yet to host a guest whose jaw does not drop when they see this table for the first time.

    Thank you Uniquely Geek, I love this table and look forward to ordering some matching benches later this year!

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  6. Elizabeth Brewer

    After years of consideration, we finally took the plunge and invested in a game table and selected Uniquely Geek to design and build the table. It's safe to say that the experience exceeded our expectations in every way.
    Working with the Uniquely Geek team had been an absolute pleasure from start to finish. As newcomers to the world of custom game tables, we were initially overwhelmed by the plethora of options available. However, the Uniquely Geek team quickly put our minds at ease by providing invaluable recommendations and guidance every step of the way.
    One aspect that particularly stood out was their honesty and transparency regarding add-on items. While we were tempted to indulge in every possible feature, they advised us against unnecessary splurges, emphasizing that they add up quickly. Their practical approach helped us tailor our table to suit our needs without breaking the bank. We ultimately opted for 4 cup holders (included with the table), 4 card trays, a side table, and LED lighting, all of which have proven to be invaluable additions to our gaming experience.
    Throughout the entire process, communication was seamless. Opting to pick up the table ourselves, we were impressed by how well it was packed and the thorough guidance provided by the team upon collection. Assembly was a breeze, thanks to their detailed instructions.
    Once the table was assembled in our new home, we were blown away by the quality and craftsmanship. Every detail, from the sturdy construction to the intricate design elements, spoke to the passion and expertise that went into its creation. It's evident that Uniquely Geek takes great pride in their work, and it shows in the finished product.
    Since bringing the table home, it has become the focal point of our leisure activities. Whether we're enjoying board games or puzzles as a family, the versatility and quality of the table shine through.
    We also appreciated the chair recommendations provided by the Uniquely Geek team. In the end, we chose to support a local Amish chair company which proved to be an excellent decision. We were able to find chairs that perfectly complement our game table.
    In conclusion, we couldn't be happier with our decision to choose Uniquely Geek for our game table purchase. From start to finish, they demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. We cannot recommend the Uniquely Geek team highly enough. Their exceptional service, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have left a lasting impression on us. If you're in the market for a high-quality custom game table and want a stress-free experience guided by experts, look no further than Uniquely Geek. They've earned our highest recommendation, praise and gratitude.

    Image #1 from Elizabeth Brewer
    Image #2 from Elizabeth Brewer
    Image #3 from Elizabeth Brewer
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