2-Sided Game Vault Insert

Game Vault Insert

One of our top-selling board game table accessories, the 2-Sided Game Vault Insert is a great addition to any game session. Custom built to fit snug inside the game vault of your table, this insert allows you to add two fabric play surfaces to your game vault. Stored inside your game vault, this accessory features real leather, adjustable pull tabs for easy removal. Handcrafted with a dark or light hardwood frame, the surface features 1/8in padding to create the ideal surface to reduce noise and soften combat blows. You can also customize the fabric selection on each side. We offer a wide selection of plush velvet, speed cloth, and other high-performance fabrics.

When the 2-Sided Game Vault Insert is in place, it reduces the usable game vault depth by 1in. Because of this each insert also includes a reduced size Leaf Guard to account for the new depth.