Our Legacy table projected production time is March 2023, and the rest of the tables are February 2024.
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Game Vault Bamboo Floor


Bamboo wood is known and loved for its unique properties. Beyond being a sustainable choice, bamboo is incredibly strong while still being remarkably flexible. That flexibility is what allows it to bend without breaking. Bamboo is one of the hardest wood available, topping the Janka hardness scale at 4,600 Janka units. So if your gameplay gets a bit rough, the bamboo can take quite a beating! 

It is one of our favorites to work with because of its gorgeous appearance and dependable strength. It’s a different texture than normal wood, and technically it is a part of the grass family. This means it’s a finer grain and has a wonderfully unique aesthetic. For finishing the bamboo floor gets the same 2k polyurethane as the rest of the table to ensure durability and longevity.

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