Our Legacy table projected production time is March 2023, and the rest of the tables are February 2024.
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Flush Play Surface


Turn your tabletop into a versatile gaming surface. Our double-sided Flush Play Surface is designed to sit on the leaf shelf of your table, giving you another surface to game on if the vault is already taken or you need a better view of the action. Handcrafted with a dark or light hardwood frame, this surface features 1/8in padding to create the perfect surface for rolling or card handling. You can also customize the fabric selection on each side. We offer a wide selection of plush velvet, speed cloth, and other high-performance fabrics.


Additional Information - In order to maximize the playable area of the Flush Play Surface, this item is crafted as a single piece. If you have a larger table consider the storage and installation needs of this item. This accessory does not store inside your board game table, and It may be large and difficult to install alone. If this may be a concern to you we offer a Conversion Kit for our Game Vault Insert that may be a better option for you if you want a flush-top play surface! 

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