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By Robert Githens on March 31, 2024

The Future of Uniquely Geek

It is hard to believe that we already have to talk about 2025. Production dates for 2025 are starting to fill up and going fast. With business as busy as it can be, we feel now is an appropriate time to discuss our plans for Uniquely Geek's future.

10 years ago, when we started Uniquely Geek, we never expected the overwhelming response we have received. It has been a truly amazing experience. Along the way, we have made many new friends who share our interests in gaming, spending quality family time, and heirloom quality craftsmanship. We originally started UG after retiring from Corporate America (See Blog Here). In that time, it has grown into something much more significant than we had ever expected. We have enjoyed every trial and tribulation that comes with starting and owning a small business. When we decided to stay a small company (See Blog Here), we knew we would be restricting the company's trajectory. While we are very comfortable with our decision, the lost potential has always bothered us in the back of our minds.

Running a company that produces approximately 100 Custom Gaming tables a year with only 4 people has become more than a full-time job. With the coming year, we have decided that it is time to slow down to enjoy some of the bigger things we intend to do in our retirement. Until we find a suitable buyer, we will be cutting back our production to 50 tables a year starting in 2025. In the coming year, we are looking to take on additional owners and partners who are driven to take the foundation we have built for Uniquely Geek and run with it.

Yes, that is right, we are looking to sell UG. We have no idea how long it will take to find the right person, but we assure you it will be someone who is looking to carry on the UG commitment to excellence. 

For our customers in the design queue and those interested in purchasing a table today, if you have already paid your Design Deposit, rest assured that we plan to stick around and complete any tables in the production queue at the time of the sale. We will ensure you will still get the same heirloom quality and exceptional customer service you are expecting. If you have been considering getting into the queue but putting it off, now would be the time to make that decision as our production slots for 2025 are booking quickly. 

We will use this blog to keep you all updated on the company's status as we progress.

If you or someone you know may be interested in discussing the purchase of UG, please contact Robert@uniquely-geek.com for details. 

Thank you to all our incredible customers. We indeed would not be here without you. And while the current quest may be coming to an end, the adventure is just beginning. 

The UG team

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