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It's All Austin's Fault

By Robert Githens on October 24, 2018

Many people might wonder how Uniquely Geek came to life. I would tell you it’s all Austin’s (our youngest son) fault. I say that smiling and with much love. As parents, we all know that the time will come when our children will want to spend more time with their friends than with us, limiting family time. So in 2015, with Austin already moved out, starting college and always busy; we jumped at the chance to spend time with him when he approached Robert and asked for help making a gaming table. I know nothing about woodworking but I was willing to learn just so I wouldn’t miss out on spending time with Austin and my husband. I was always under the impression my roll would be making sure they stayed hydrated, the first aid kit was easily accessible and a fully charged phone was close by in case the first aid kit wouldn’t cut it. Little did I know, I’d become a woodworker AND a business owner.

Austin had designs drawn out and some great ideas but wanted Robert’s thoughts on improvements since he is the master craftsman.  They decided on a design and work started. I don’t even remember how long it took but a table was produced and moved to Austin’s apartment.  As far as I knew everyone was happy. It wasn’t even a week later and Robert starting making comments like “there is a better way to make that insert”, “I have a better idea for a cup holder”. Robert was constantly talking about the improvements he could make and how much better he could make that table; My response was, “babe the table is made let it go”.

Roberts version of letting it go was approaching me maybe a month/6 weeks later saying “I’ve been doing a ton of research and I think this could be a great business”. Me, “What could be a great business?"

Robert, “Making gaming tables. I’ve got a ton of ideas and experience and I know I can make a good quality product at an affordable price.”

Knowing his love for woodworking, wanting to be supportive and honestly not thinking it would become more than a hobby I said “yeah, sounds awesome, go for it”.

Robert took off running when I said yes and boy was it a whirlwind. Every day he would tell me something about owning a business. It was all very interesting but I always questioned why he was devoting so much time to a hobby. It wasn’t until the day he said we need to think of a name for our business that I (deer in headlight look) asked him “what? Seriously, we’re really starting a business?”

Like I said it’s been a whirlwind and to be honest I can not remember how we settled on Uniquely Geek but we did and 3 years later we are proud business owners. A business Robert always knew would be viable and me a business owner who never realized his hobby would evolve into the adventure it has become.


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