Hardwood Coasters

Cast A Protection Spell For Your Furniture

Indulge your refreshments and protect your furniture with these masterwork hardwood coasters. Whether celebrating during the adventure or movie night, these handcrafted wooden coasters will charm you to the perfect hydration.

Every unique set includes 6 individual coasters in a square or round design with a matching storage tray. Each hardwood coaster also gets a laser-etched cork insert that can be customized with one of our designs or a design of your own. So choose your own adventure or gift them away to your friends from the tavern.

Round Hardwood Coasters

No corners here, these round wooden coasters are one of the best table protectors and will ensure nothing gets in the way of a perfect finish.

Square Hardwood Coasters

While these square coasters may not roll, they will keep your furniture in tip-top shape and make all of your guests jealous at the same time.

Coaster Features

High Quality Wares

Our legendary coasters start with hand-selected 100% solid hardwood boards. They are then precision-crafted on our CNC router and expertly finished with time-tested materials to ensure they will last for generations to come. Each coaster is truly one of a kind with its own individual grain patterns and characteristics. We use the exact same FAS-grade lumber for our tables, so you can match your coasters to your custom board game now or when the time comes!

Cork Surface

Protecting your furniture is our priority. Every Uniquely Geek coaster Includes a replaceable high-quality cork insert that absorbs the condensation from even the chilliest beverage. The cork also provides a reliable non-slip surface for your drink that puts many other hardwood coasters to slippery shame.


Seeking a more personal touch, does your party have a coat of arms or secret emblem? Celebrate them with a custom coaster! While we offer some classic designs of our own, these coasters are completely customizable and etched with laser precision. If you can dream it, we can laser it. Please Contact Us for corporate or large group orders.

Coaster Holder

Never misplace a coaster again! Each Uniquely Geek coaster set comes with a beautiful, matching hardwood holder of holding to gently rock your set of six to sleep after a long adventure. Proudly display your unique coasters in an equally stunning hand-made holder so that guests and homegrown players alike know where to set their goblets and chalices.