Ordering and Design Process

Our Design Philosophy

Our mission was to design great-looking board game tables for everyone. To accomplish that we researched current decorating trends, materials, and styles to provide a complete line of tables to fit anyone’s needs. Why was so much thought put into design? Our research has shown that a gaming table spends 90% of its time in the standard table configuration, even when owned by the most passionate gamers. Don’t get us wrong though; this is not your grandma’s kitchen table. We have incorporated everything a player would need into those great-looking designs.

Ordering Process

Place a deposit


Start your table journey with a $100 refundable design deposit. This deposit secures your place in line and allows our personal designers to work with you to build your perfect table. If you decide that a Uniquely Geek table isn't for you, we will refund 100% of your deposit.

Work with your personal designer


A Uniquely Geek personal designer works with each one of our customers to ensure that they are getting the table that best fits their needs and style. Using a small questionnaire, they will walk you through the options and features that will make your table unique.

Place half down


Once you have designed the perfect table, your designer will give you a quote, including shipping. Our quotes allow you 90 days to decide if this is truly the right table for you. If you choose to enter production, we ask for a 50% production start payment to secure the materials, or you can decide to have your initial $100 design deposit refunded. Once the payment has been received we will slot you into our production queue and give you a production date.

Clear a spot in your home


Once your table enters production our completion time is 6-8 weeks. Your designer will keep you updated by sharing progress and pictures during the build process. Upon completion, we will send the final payment invoice. Once the final payment has been received your delivery or shipping date will be scheduled. This happens all within our 8-week timeline, so be sure to have a space ready for your unique creation.

Earl Rustic style board game table with natural stain

The Uniquely Geek Design Process

We take designing your piece of furniture as seriously as we take handcrafting it.  Throughout our design process, you will work with one of our designers to ensure you get the perfect piece to match your needs. Your designer will guide you through wood species selection, available stain colors, getting the correct table size, rail attachments, and accessories.  At every step of the process, there will be information sharing back and forth so you are always in the know. As changes are made your work order will be updated so you will always see what the current price is for your table avoiding any pricing surprises at the end of the process.

Not Your Grandma's Kitchen Table.

Construction Philosophy

Our approach to the construction of every piece of furniture is an uncompromised belief that it has to be built to last for generations and able to stand up to the most enduring gaming sessions. Our custom board game tables are crafted from solid wood with little or no composite materials used. We start out with the highest grade of lumber available, FAS, harvested from certified sustainable forests whenever possible.  Our craftsmen then use time-tested construction techniques and modern machinery to create a piece that will last for generations. We like to say around the shop, it's either something we would put in our own homes or it's not done.

Features and production time

Uniquely Geek is the only fully custom, handmade board gaming table manufacturer around. Our designers understand that every player has different needs. Not having to work with constraints allows our designers to truly create the perfect piece of furniture for each individual customer. Once it's designed, the most exciting thing is the fully custom table is produced within our 8-week production timeline. Your table is part of a small batch, so every board gets the attention of a skilled pair of hands.

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