Gaming Table Features

What Makes our Tables Unique

Uniquely Geek tables are 100% Custom made to ensure that they fit all of your gaming needs. After a deposit is made all clients are walked through the process of building your table with one of our personal designers. Their job is to make sure your Uniquely Geek table is the perfect addition to your home and gaming sessions.

Solid Wood Leaves

All of our tables come standard with our cross-wise leaf system that increases strength, maximizes wood stability, and provides an additional design element. Each leaf also incorporates our Stay Dry gasket to stop spills from getting to the game vault. 

Game Vault

The Game Vault is what separates a gaming table from a standard table. This is where all the action happens and what allows the game to continue even when game night has come to an end. But all Game Vaults are not created equal, and one size does not fit all, so we have included numerous customizations. Whether you are a board gamer or into using miniatures in your roleplaying we offer a customizable Game Vault depth of up to 4”. We also include a wet/dry erase Game Vault floor with every table and offer the options of a matching wood vault floor, vertical cut bamboo, and several patterns of gridded acrylic sheets. A reversible, black/maroon, 5mm Neoprene mat is included and provides an excellent surface for a card, dice, and board game. LED lighting is available for the Game Vault to provide light and ambiance for late-night gaming.

Wet / Dry Erase Floor

Our standard Game Vault floor is comprised of a high-pressure laminate designed for whiteboard applications offering superior resistance to ghosting and scratching.  It is compatible with all brands of wet erase and dry erase markers.

Uniquely Geek custom gaming table game vault close up with wet/dry erase bottom

Custom Depth

All of our tables are available with a Game Vault depth of up to 4”. The Game Vault depth is measured from the Game Vault floor to the underside of the leaves.

Flush Play Surface

The addition of an optional Flush Play Surface allows for two additional play surfaces.  Several surfaces are available including a rainbow of colors of Upholstery Grade Plush Velvet and several colors of Speed Cloth.  Unlike the Insert it creates a flush surface with the table top, covering the Game Vault.

Uniquely Geek custom gaming table game vault close up with table play surface inset

Play Surface Insert

The addition of an optional Play Surface Insert allows for two additional play surfaces.  Several surfaces are available including a rainbow of colors of Upholstery Grade Plush Velvet and several colors of Speed Cloth.  Unlike the Flush Play Surface, it is designed to sit inside the Game Vault.

Acrylic Play Surfaces

Keep your battles organized with our removable game vault acrylic sheets. These accessories set inside your game vault and come in a 1-inch and 2-inch square and 1-inch hexagon. They are custom made and cut to fit snugly into your Uniquely Geek table but can be easily removed.

Earl Rustic style board game table with natural stain

Natural Wood Bottom

Want a game vault that matches the stunning hardwood of the rest of the table? We offer a matching natural wood bottom in place of the standard wet dry erase.  Make the inside of your table as jaw-dropping as the outside.

Rail System

While the Game Vault is what gives our tables their functionality, it is the Rail Attachment System that gives them their versatility.  The rail allows the attachment of cup holders, dice trays, side tables, bins, etc. to any location around the table. Our rail system uses a sliding dovetail design which offers uncompromising strength and support.  Each accessory has our exclusive Rail-Lock locking mechanism that provides a secure connection to the rail, preventing accidental disengagement from the table.

Unique Attachments

Add attachments to your table to make every gaming session truly unique for you. All of our attachments use our exclusive Rail-Lock system that prevents them from accidental disengagement from the table rail. Simply insert the attachment into the rail track and the lock snaps into place. When you are ready to remove the attachment, slide back the lever and remove it from the game table rail.

2K Polyurethane Satin Finish

Since we build furniture to last for generations we needed a finish designed to meet that demand. Our furniture is protected by a final clear coat of a modern polyurethane, never any Lacquer here. This is the same product used by custom stair manufacturers to protect wood stairs and pinball manufactures to protect the playfields of pinball machines. It is unsurpassed for its scratch, mark, and wear resistance. An added feature of the product is its resistance to chemicals, in fact, it is the only finish rated acceptable for laboratory casework by the WFI.
Leaf Cube

Leaf Cube

When you are ready to game, just remove your leaves and place them in our included Leaf Cube. The Leaf Cube is designed to store the leaves when the table is in the gaming configuration. It also stores the Leaf Guard when it is not in use.
Push Rod Leaf Removal

Push Rod Leaf Removal

Our tables have a hidden push-up rod to allow the removal of the first leaf when removing the top leaves and opening up the game vault.
Leaf Guard

Leaf Guard

The leaf guard is used to close off the table when a leaf has been left in to provide additional table top space.
Uniquely Geek custom gaming table leg levelers
Leg Levelers

Leg Levelers

We include plastic bottomed leg levelers on all of our table legs to adjust for floor inconsistencies and to protect the surface of the floor.
4 Cup Holders

4 Cup Holders

All of our tables include 4 cup holders for our Rail Attachment System. You have the choice of standard, jumbo or mug and can be mixed and matched.

Not Even The King's Blacksmith Could Make Something This Nice