Custom Gaming Tables

Plan Out Your Gaming Table

When it comes to a table the ultimate decision comes down to style, or how many large pizzas it can fit. When we craft a table we want to create a beautiful piece of furniture that you will be proud to own and crave to use. From Country to Contemporary we offer 5 unique design styles that should fit just about everyone’s needs. Don’t see something you like? Don’t worry, we are still a 100% custom furniture manufacturer and our designers are ready to work with you to create the perfect table.

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Bring a relaxed sensibility into your gaming. Rustic styling has an emphasis on rugged natural beauty and simple textures. All of these characteristics are present with sturdy square legs and straight tabletop lines that bring a simple boldness that commands the attention of any room.


Introduce a casual farmhouse style to your gaming table. Farmhouse styling is full of relaxing charm and character and eschews modern sensibilities that go back to a simpler time. With its traditional turned legs, available in several designs, and it’s rounded top edge make this design stylish and warm-hearted.


Our Contemporary style incorporates sleek angles into our table design. Contemporary styling encompasses a range of design features that offer clean lines and smooth surfaces achieving the feeling of slim without being dainty. Our underbeveled top and tapered legs give this table style subtle sophistication without compromising durability.


Transitional styling refers to a contemporary blend of traditional and modern styles incorporating lines that are less ornate than traditional, but not as basic as contemporary. Being reinforced by the tables large bevel around the table top edge and a more pronounced arc across the end of the table. Paired with tapered legs with a rounded front corner it has a striking appearance.


The second of our design styles to incorporate curves into our tables. Coastal styling is defined by relaxation and comfort which is reflected in the gentle arc of the table top edges. When paired with the large under bevel you get the impression of varying thickness along this arc. The legs are tapered on the inside and have a rounded front corner complementing the table top.

Mythical Creation

Don’t see what you are looking for? Don't Panic! Uniquely Geek is a 100% custom furniture maker that can work with you on any design or style you choose. We would be happy to hear about your mythical creations and will do our best to make them a reality.

Choose Your Lineage

Not all tables are created equal and we know that your needs aren't basic either. To ensure we can deliver on our promise of making the best products possible we have created 4 different lines of our tables. Whether you are looking to replace a dining room/kitchen table, add a focal piece to your family/living room, or want a high top for the game room, we have something special just for you.


Once you place your $100 refundable deposit you will enter the Uniquely Geek design phase. In the design phase, you will work with our personal designers to refine your particular specifications and make sure we are crafting the perfect table that is customized to you and only you.

The Earl Gaming Dining Table

The Earl line of tables is designed to be used as your everyday kitchen or dining room table. With a height range of 29”-31” it works with all standard height chairs and benches.

The Marquess Gaming Bar Table

The Marquess line of tables is our pub height table line. With a height range of 36”- 42” it works well with bar stools and standing.

The Viscount Gaming Coffee Table

The Viscount line of tables allows you to bring gaming into the family room. This coffee table ranges in height of 17”-24” and depending upon the Design Style may have a bottom storage compartment

The Radcliff Trestle Table

We've been busy with some new mythical creations that we're almost ready to share. Stay tuned for full product info or reach out and we can show off what the Radcliff is all about!

The Legacy Gaming Table Geek Chic Remake

The Legacy Gaming Table

Unlike our other table lines, The Legacy puts gaming front and center in its design without sacrificing beauty. With fold-down play stations and drawers, it has everything a hardcore gamer needs. Table height is 31 ½” and works well with standard height chairs and benches.