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Covid-19 & Business Update

By Robert Githens on March 25, 2020

We wanted to update everyone on how Uniquely Geek is addressing the current coronavirus situation.

First off everyone at UG, all 4 of us, are healthy and following all of the suggested social guidelines. We hope that you and your families are in the same situation. Also, let's take a second to show our gratitude to the medical staff and first responders who are currently on the front lines of this event. With many businesses temporarily shutting down, or offering workers to work from home, we hope you are getting to spend some quality time with your families. I know I have seen more people out for walks in our neighborhood than ever before. Hopefully some of that “home time” is being spent revisiting some favorite forgotten games, breaking out some new ones, or even sitting around the table sharing a meal. All of which are a perfect use for a Uniquely Geek Gaming Table.

One of the fortunate things about being a small, family-owned, company is having a small number of people to deal with in person. Most of our dealings are able to be handled via phone, email or virtual meetings. This allows us to stay “business as usual”, without interrupting our normal workflow. Greg has done an amazing job keeping the production cycle on schedule and the shop is cleaner than I have ever seen it. 

While there are many concerns still out there, one of the comments I have heard multiple times is that it is important for us as consumers to keep spending. I believe this goes against our natural instincts to hold onto our money when uncertainty hits but does make sense. Our economy is built on us spending money, that is what drives it. If we all stop, that is when the economic crisis will really hit. We have taken up ordering take out from local restaurants and items from as many local suppliers as we can in order to help our community during this time. From what I am hearing and seeing the Government learned from our last recession that they do need to do more. They are putting wide-sweeping plans in place and have taken historical measures to ensure there is not a financial collapse. So in order to do our part and help stimulate the economy, we have decided to put in place our own UG Stimulus Package.

For now, these options will be in place for the next 60 days.

  1. Reduced Production Start Payment - We are reducing the Production Start Payment amount from 50% to 25%. The thought being that more people will be able to get their table into production now without outlaying a large initial payment at this time.
  2. Production Pause Option - All customers that have tables currently in production are being contacted to see if they want to pause their table production, for up to 90 days. Because of our lead time, some tables currently in production were ordered before the COVID-19 situation was fully understood. We understand that the situation has changed and that paying the final balance at this time might be a financial burden for some. By allowing them to pause their table they can delay the final payment until the situation becomes clearer.
  3. Con Special Every Day - We typically offer an incentive to purchase your design deposit while we are at events. Since we have no idea when the Cons will start back up we have decided to offer the special to everyone, every day until things start back up. For all Design Deposits booked we are giving a $200 credit for Accessories. In order to receive this your table must go into production within 5 months of purchasing your Design Deposit.

In order to protect the safety of our workers and our customers, we have also made the tough decision that we will not be offering UG Red Carpet Deliveries at this time. With the understanding that things are changing daily, we will constantly review the current situation and make any changes we feel are needed. Please make sure you are following us on all of our social media channels for any updates.

So from all of us at Uniquely Geek, we hope you and your families are following the suggested social guidelines and staying safe. Know that once we come through this, and things get back to whatever the new normal will be, Uniquely Geek will still be striving to be the preferred provider of heirloom quality custom gaming furniture.

-The Uniquely Geek Team


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