Board Game Table Modifications

This Is Where The Magic Happens

Designing a custom board game table gives you endless ways to put your unique touch on every single aspect of your gaming and dining experience. These table modifications are the heart and soul of your gaming table, they help to mold it into a legendary item. This is also why the below modifications must be decided on before we being production, as these may drastically change the build process of your table.

Game Vault LED Lighting

Transform your table into the life of the party with our game vault LED lighting.

Under Table LED Lighting

This under-table LED lighting will upgrade your table from rare to mythical.

USB Ports

Stay powered up and connected for any adventure with our under table USB charging ports.

Matching Game Vault Floor

A matching wood game vault floor on a custom board game table gives a look like no other.

Bamboo Floor

Give your game vault an armor buff with this durable bamboo game vault floor.

Fabric Floor

Play like royalty with a cushioned fabric game vault floor in your ultimate gaming table.

Rout Back of Leaf

Keep all your game pieces organized and your vault divided with this hidden leaf feature.

Board Game Table Drawers

Increase your carrying capacity with these custom-built in-table drawers.

Equip Your Table For Any Adventure

Make your home the ultimate place to play any board game with our table accessories