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Meet Uniquely Geek

May 24, 2017

Meet Uniquely Geek

Hello everyone we would like to introduce you to Uniquely Geek.  Uniquely Geek is a family owned business located in Queen Creek, Arizona. We hand make custom gaming furniture, accessories and truly unique geek related items.  We have been in the cabinet and furniture business for many years but started focusing on gaming tables nearly 2 years ago.  Owned by Robert and Sara with the occasional appearance of our youngest son, Austin, our goal is to create high quality gaming furniture that is affordable. 

We grew up in a time where getting the family together to play a game was common.  Both of us have many fond memories of those family game nights with everyone sitting around a table sharing a bowl of popcorn and good laughs.  Fortunately it seems that board gaming is making a strong comeback and a whole new style of gaming is being born.  So while the games have changed the thought of a group of people getting together and spending an evening having a great time still exists.

For us it all started when our son came to us and asked if we could make him a gaming table.  Asking a woodworker to make a table, that’s like asking a baker to bake a cake.  Austin brought us a pretty well thought out idea but we still were not sure what constituted a “gaming table”.  So we spent some time researching what was available while we waited for an opening in the shop's schedule.  We did make the stipulation that Austin needed to be involved in the design and building process. Bonus, more time with our son.  With Austin’s help we ended up completing that first table and were pretty satisfied with its outcome, but we realized its only function was gaming.  

While researching that first table we realized that what was available was either very expensive, had long wait times, not very attractive, or low quality.  This is when the seed was planted that we could possibly provide better alternatives.  So after over 40 years woodworking and 30 years of making commissioned custom furniture we set out to create tables that were designed for style, but built for gaming resulting in the creation of Uniquely Geek. 



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