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UG COVID-19 Blog Update_003Read more +25 March 2020 By Robert Githens in Company, Events

Covid-19 & Business Update

We wanted to update everyone on how Uniquely Geek is addressing the current coronavirus situation.
Read more +20 February 2020 By Justin Kaminsky in Company

A Look Back & A Look Ahead For Uniquely Geek

Before we dig into 2019 and look forward to 2020 we want to Thank All Of You for our success.
Read more +31 December 2019 By Robert Githens in Company, Furniture, Products

Taming the Beast, A Texas-Sized Custom Gaming Table

Our biggest challenge yet— welcoming "The Beast" of all gaming tables.

2019…What To Expect

Before we kick-off 2019 I wanted to first thank everyone for an amazing 2018. We far exceeded all the expectations we came into the year with and we could not have done that without our amazing customers. 2019 will be another year of milestones and innovations. I wanted to share with you some of our

What A Year It’s Been

It’s the most wonderful time of the year In 4 days it is Christmas, I can’t believe the year is almost over. So many people have told me when you get older time goes faster. Well, I guess I have officially reached that older age because every year seems to fly by. I swear I
  I must admit I never thought it would take 3 parts to walk through this process. As I started to write I found myself leaving out what I thought were important steps in the process. So in an attempt to find a balance between providing the details you have been asking about but also

It’s All Austin’s Fault

Many people might wonder how Uniquely Geek came to life. I would tell you it’s all Austin’s (our youngest son) fault. I say that smiling and with much love.

Building a Legacy – (Part 2)

  In part 1 I touched on the theory and the design process of building the Legacy. In this post, I am going to dig a little deeper into the construction process of the Legacy. Due to length and detail, this has now become a 3 part blog.   Like every piece we create, the