Our Legacy table projected production time is March 2023, and the rest of the tables are February 2024.
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Year: 2020

The Proverbial Fork In The Road
All businesses come to a point where they have to make big decisions. Decisions that will shape the company not only today but for the long term. At Uniquely Geek we came to a giant fork in the road...
Meet Our Creative Director
I have always been fascinated by creativity. The idea that you can make something new appear that has never been seen before as if it was magic—it's fascinating. The best part? That magic affects people every single day. At an early age building Rokenbok, playing video games, and watching movies with my dad, I grew […]
Covid-19 & Business Update
We wanted to update everyone on how Uniquely Geek is addressing the current coronavirus situation.
A Look Back & A Look Ahead For Uniquely Geek
Before we dig into 2019 and look forward to 2020 we want to Thank All Of You for our success.
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