Our Legacy table projected production time is March 2023, and the rest of the tables are February 2024.
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2019...What To Expect

By Robert Githens on January 9, 2019

Before we kick-off 2019 I wanted to first thank everyone for an amazing 2018. We far exceeded all the expectations we came into the year with and we could not have done that without our amazing customers.

2019 will be another year of milestones and innovations. I wanted to share with you some of our plans for 2019.


We are rolling out a website update the first part of January that will include;

  • A new Table Gallery page that will allow for the filtering of 100’s of table photos by Table Line, Design Style, Wood Species, and Stain Color.
  • A streamlined Design Deposit page to simplify the payment of design deposits based on Table Lines, and not Design Style.
  • A pricing calculator that will allow visitors to calculate an estimated price of their desired table by entering Dimensions, Table Line, Design Style, Wood Species, and Stain Color.


We are adding two new Design Styles in the first part of 2019. Keep an eye out for the Coastal and Transitional. Both styles introduce curves to our tables and will be available in all 3 Table Lines. I hope to have some preliminary pictures up before the end of the month and starting full production by end of February. The initial response to the new Design Styles has been extremely positive and reinforces our focus on creating great looking tables.


The interest in the Legacy Table has been overwhelming, in fact there is only 1 production slot left for 2019. The idea to increase production has been discussed but we have decided to keep production at 6 tables. So if you are interested in receiving a Legacy Table in 2019 you better act quick.


The Duke Storage Cabinet will be debuted at WonderCon in March. This furniture piece is a modular storage cabinet that allows for customizable storage to fit almost everyone's needs. It will accommodate nearly everything including comic books, card decks, play mats, and miniatures. When combined with the Dutchess Topper display cabinet it will become the focal point of any room.


The final designs have been completed for the Dice Tower and the GM Screen. With the addition of our new CnC machine we are going to be able to customize both items with personalized graphics and relief carvings. Look for production of Dice Towers to start in January and plan on the GM Screen entering production around May, just in time for Phoenix Fan Fusion.

I am sure there will be some more news coming during the year and as always our plans are fluid and influenced by what our customers are looking for. The one thing that will never change is Uniquely Geek’s commitment to providing Heirloom Quality gaming furniture built to last for generations.


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